Dowsing is the core skill used in Health Coding to identify the cause of health problems.

Principles of Dowsing

The majority of health dowsers use a pendulum to elicit responses – and the most common form is a crystal hanging from the end of a chain. Search for 'dowsing pendulum' on Amazon or EBay a huge number of products and sellers appear. This gives an indication of the sheer number of dowsers out there.

There are several conflicting ideas concerning where dowsing answers originate from. The more practical theory is that the brain's subconscious interfaces with energy fields, and can see/detect energy.

When a dowser focuses on a question, the subconscious calculates the answer and then transmits it as minute responses in the dowser's fingers that cause the pendulum to swing round.

Accurate dowsing takes a great deal of skill, and the dowser must remain both focused and emotionally detached.

Dowsing Signals

The following are the response signals that most dowsers receive.

A clockwise spin indicates yes.

An anticlockwise spin indicates no.

A back and forth motion is a neutral answer, where the question doesn't have a clear 'yes or no' answer.

Learning Dowsing

The first step is to review your body's energy field. Sit and hold the pendulum above each leg, and between the legs, and observe the results. The pendulum should swing in different directions over each leg.

For new dowsers, the initial reaction may be very weak, but it will grow stronger after one hour of practice. New dowsers can try starting a back and forth swing to more easily observe the change.

Most people will experience a result from this task. If, after trying several times you get no result, there may be a problem with your signal pathways – and you may want to attend a dowsing training session, as an experienced teacher may be able to resolve the problem.

Food Dowsing

One of the best uses of dowsing is to check food for you and your family. Novices can hold their pendulum above the food and see if it swings clockwise (good for you) or anticlockwise (bad for you).

As you get become more confident, you can try focusing on whether the food is good for others. You can ask more detailed questions to gain the optimal nutrition from your meals.

Dowsing Books

There is no perfect book on dowsing, they all contain some questionable information. To learn to dowse you need an open mind, but you shouldn't accept everything you read. If you come to believe inaccurate information your dowsing will appear to work, but you will encounter more errors, and you will be more limited in what you can achieve.

These books are a great start for people looking to learn dowsing:

The Pendulum Bridge to Infinite Knowing by Dale Olson. A very good guide to dowsing, a reasonable amount of the book is logical, sound advice.

Dowsing: The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century by Elizabeth Brown. A high proportion of the book is coherent and well argued; an excellent introduction to dowsing.

The Healer by Jack Temple. Written by my grandfather, a very well-known healer.

This book is out of print, so here is a PDF version:

Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia by Abbe Mermet. Written in 1935, Abbe Mermet was, in his day, the most famous dowser in Europe.

This book is out of print and very rare, so here is a PDF version:

The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson. A focused look at reversing the damage done by strong negative emotions.

Stepping Stones into the Unknown by Veronika Strong. Teaches some principles of dowsing while telling an interesting life story.

This book is out of print. With thanks to Christopher Strong for allowing me to publish it – here is a PDF version: