Identify the cause of the problem.
Direct the body's own repair system to remedy very specific faults.

A skill called dowsing is used to find the root causes of a problem.
The body is a very complex machine and the ways in which the various parts of the body interact are not yet fully understood by medical science.
Damage in one part of the body can cause a chain reaction of degeneration and functionality failures, which creates serious symptoms elsewhere in the body.
While the clear majority of ailments and malfunctions can be repaired by our bodies – problems can arise which are no longer recognised as damage by the immune system. These damaged and malfunctioning areas can go unrecognised by the immune system for decades – negatively affecting other areas of the body that are connected to them.
Dowsing helps to identify the exact root causes of a problem. It is important to target these causes – otherwise a condition that seems improved could later deteriorate.
The skill applied to enacting repairs is something unique to health coding.
With the root causes mapped out by dowsing – a set of instructions (codes) are created and transmitted to the patient's brain. The codes leverage unused immune system capacity to enact changes.
The codes are transmitted from the mind of the practitioner to the patient via meridian lines (flows of energy). The instructional codes are created in the mind of the practitioner, pass via the patient's palm, and transmit to the subconscious of the patient.
There are a number of different types of code used.
Environmental factors are sometimes diagnosed when mapping out the root causes of a problem.
These are aspects of your daily life that are causing the problem – such as something you have been eating or a chemical to which you are exposing yourself.
Revealing these factors allows patients to avoid causing further damage after the problem is remedied.
The number and length of sessions will vary drastically between individuals. Some patients may need just one session, while others may need five or more. The time taken for each set of codes to complete will vary between five minutes to five or more weeks. However, during the first session, the number of required sessions for a particular problem can be quite accurately assessed.
Most patients will not notice the codes running in the background – as they are designed to use spare immune system capacity and move at a gentle pace.

Disclaimer: This is an alternative health treatment,it is not a cure.

Types of Code Used