Details on how to book Health Coding sessions.

All treatments are face-to-face in Cambridge, England. Dowsing for negative causes can be performed at a distance but it is less accurate, and healing is far more likely to be effective when carried out in person. For this reason, only clients willing to travel to my location can be accepted.

The first step is to get in touch by email. Please provide:

- Your full name and the address of your current location

- Your phone number

- A short description of your problem

From this information, I can evaluate how effectively health coding could assist you.

The cost is £80 per session. The initial session is usually 60-90 minutes. This session will investigate the number of root causes of your problem and the map the steps needed to correct the first of the root causes. The initial session will also help to reveal the approximate number of sessions that will be required for the whole treatment.

Further sessions will take up to 90 minutes.

Disclaimer: This is an alternative health treatment, it is not a cure.